Flying Visit

Day 76 – Llandudno – 4th Aug – 0 nm

It is windy, but dry and fairly warm. A cold and wet day would make the decision easier to make. I gaze out of the window, watching the trees bow to the wind. I'm tired.

We worked hard to get close to home before the weather arrived, but now we are here we have to beware that we don’t get too comfortable. At the same time we mustn't take things for granted.

The water here is familiar - the flows, the eddies, the shallows and the windy gaps, the chop and the smooth. This is our home territory, but still we must take it seriously. The fat lass has entered the dressing room, but she’s not quite got to warming up her voice yet. There’s still plenty of opportunity to cock it all up. Plenty.

The Team Manager writes in her diary:
From here to the end I will have a little voice in my head “Be careful, very careful”. You only finish once you cross the line, until then the sea is as dangerous as ever. Concentration and care are needed.’

For me it’s a daily struggle between confidence and complacency, I just need to hold it all together until the final beach.

To move on from Llandudno we need to round the exposed cliffs of the Great Orme and then make a short crossing to Puffin Island, before reaching the shelter of the Menai Straits. On paper, and in comparison, it’s not that much of a trip, but then it doesn't take much of one. Because I know this one well I'm even more cautious than usual. It’s no time for complacency, you can still be humbled close to home. I don't want to be another summit descending casualty.

And so I look out of the window once again, still the trees are bending in the wind. Reluctantly I make the call, it’s a no-go today.

But there’s still plenty to do.

We arrived home last evening to find a small mountain of mail behind the door, it was 70 odd days since we last turned the key. The mail is roughly sorted and piled onto the kitchen table where it is given a damn good ignoring.

For me the daily matters that the stack of envelopes signify don’t even register, just pointless froth. Life seems to go on well enough without them, indeed it seems to contain enough stress and drama without, so why bother? Ignore once again.

Opportunistic laundry is done and kit sorted and checked. It’s a luxury to have a bit of space, and a table, to plan on. I make hay and soon maps and charts are strewn wildly. Get ahead while we can.

Team Manager wanders around, surveying the changes to our domain. The grass in the back garden has grown somewhat, I warn of tigers as she ventures out to take a look.

But today it’s not a home, it’s just another accommodation, one of so many. As soon as the weather moves through we’ll be off once again.

Yet again.