Deja Vu 3 - Portland Weather Days

Day 12 / Day 13 –  West Bay - 1st/2nd June -- 0 nm + 0 nm

Yesterday we rolled into a campsite just outside West Bay. We were handed a map of the site, but then I was slightly bemused to have to follow a lad who drove a buggy around the site to show us to our pitch – ‘in case you struggle to find it’ apparently. 11 days on the water - Lundy, Devon and Cornwall in the fog, Land’s End and then the Lizard – it all paled in comparison to the risk of getting lost on a campsite. Jeez

Just when things were getting going the first Weather Day arrives, followed rather too closely by the second one. I can’t complain too much about getting to Day 12 before having to sit out for a day, but it seems a touch unreasonable to be handed two at once.

The first weather day is one of those stressful do I or don’t I days.

The forecast is not good at all, but then it’s not so bad that it is a clear cut decision either. Indecision rules. These kind of days wind me up rather, why can’t it either be 10mph or 35 mph, instead of nearly but (perhaps) not quite numbers? Ooh, life is so unfair.
We take a look out from West Bay at the conditions; the decision is tempered by the thoughts of paddling along the 13 nm of steep, dumping shingle that is Chesil Beach, followed by the Portland Bill tide races, and then still trying to find somewhere to land.

Looking at it from that perspective, the decision becomes a little more straightforward, we head for the cafe - a greasy, high calorie breakfast is ordered. I spend the rest of the day worrying that I missed a mileage opportunity, Pascale points out that by sitting out I might have missed a free lifeboat ride opportunity. Good point, Well presented.

Strong winds overnight make Weather Day 2 decision making a little easier. We start the day with the excitement that is a launderette visit – better than telly - round and round and round...

In 2012 I sat out Portland Bill for 2 days too, granted I was on the other side, but there does seem to be another dose of Deja Vue being handed out here - Deja Vue Deja Vue I suppose.