Day 7 – Porthoustock to Seaton – 32.5 nm

The start wasn't too early, being on the flood again meant that the tides were reasonable, with 08:00 on the water. The pigs were still taking it easy, snoring contentedly, as we left.

The forecast was for a good start, with a strengthening breeze later. Things didn't look so good for the upcoming days though, so it was time to get some miles in.  I paddled out of Porthoustock under blue skies, hardly a swell and a gentle off shore breeze – sea breeze conditions perhaps?

Again it was a bit of a geography day, with the beach at Seaton being the goal. Plymouth would be nice, but unlikely. Hopefully if the weather held it should be the first ‘mindless’ day, no tide races or significant headlands, no rebound or fog, just straightforward, boring miles hopefully.

A quick round of dodge the muppet, on his way into Falmouth, and then things resumed their uneventful progress for a while. Taking a break for a lunch I watched a yacht sneaking up, sniffing the chance for a bit of a wash I put the food away, on with the deck and a bit of a sprint to catch up.

We chatted about kayaks, yachts and general watery stuff as they drew me towards Plymouth. A few quick calculations and I had to accept that I wasn't going to make Plymouth with my new company, it was going to be too far against the tide, so I bid farewell and pointed left towards Seaton. The weather started to deteriorate as I landed, but by now I was on the beach – not my problem any more.

And that was it, a refreshingly stress free day – 7 and half hours to cover the 32 nm – nothing fantastic, but that will do nicely.