Mablethorpe Stats

Day 32 -- Mablethorpe - 21st June - 0 nm

It was too windy in the morning to cross the Humber. The day was spent waiting for the wind to drop, it did, but 2 hrs after the cut-off time for leaving the beach.

It was frustrating to have perfect conditions finally, it was so tempting to get on and go, but we had to accept that it was just too late. Reluctantly the day was written off.

We had been on the road for 32 days now, with:
  • 653 nm paddled
  • 5 weather days
  • 148:22 hrs paddled
  • 20.4 nm overall average per day - depressing
  • 91 day forecast finish - even more depressing

C'est la vie

Daily miles (nm)