Day 21 – Dungeness – 10th June – 0 nm

Despite the forecast we awoke early to see if there was a chance of getting around Dungeness, there wasn't.
It’s a frustrating headland, no towering mountain of imposing cliffs, no definite scary no-go appearance, just an innocent looking low shingle outcrop.

It is only 2 nm from the power station to the lifeboat station, but there is no beach between these two points, just steep shingle. I couldn't see a route through the nasty stuff around the corner and the waves at the lifeboat station were just vicious. The wind gauge was showing 30 mph+ more than it should.  If things didn't go as planned out there were no realistic options.

It was time for a snooze.

We returned late in the day to see if there was a chance of a sneak around, once again, there wasn't.