The PSK Trolley - trolley pics galore

Which trolley did you take?

In 2012 I set out with a loaded kayak and a KCS Trolley that I had bought 10 years earlier, for a trip around Wales. By the time I had reached Sand (nr Applecross), on Day 11, the trolley had collapsed twice beneath the boat. The second time it caused significant damaged which was later hurriedly repaired in a damp college car-park – annoyingly, this was the only resin-needing repair of either trip.

Except for paved surfaces, I abandoned use of the trolley and took to dragging the boat on a jury-rigged skid made from an old pipe - rather more physical, but less risky. Later Justine Curgenven came to the rescue when she generously lent me her trolley for the remainder of the trip.

So for the 2015 trip I was looking for a more substantial alternative; but try as I might, I just couldn't get my hands on a robust trolley, one that I thought would do the job. In the end I had one made, inspired by the one Justine had leant to me.

It was all a worryingly last minute, as the first fabricator promised but didn't deliver, but the second came up trumps. I used this trolley daily, except for the shortest of carries - the monster trolley across the low water springs beach on the Wirral, the shingle at Crackington, the long grass at Dunbar, soft sand on Ardnamurchan, the rocky beach at Worthing, and even the back streets of St Ives! - It took everything in its stride.

On the upside it was simple and worked without a problem, I soon learnt I could trust it whatever and wherever. It also fitted nicely inside the Taran.

On the downside it added a little weight to the boat, but that was worth it for the reliability.

A good exped trolley is worth its weight in gold and is pretty hard to find it seems, I'm pleased with the one I took.