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Day 2 – Lundy to Crackington Haven -- 22nd May – 27.6 nm

What a glorious day! Blue skies and an oily calm down in the bay. 

I paddled out accompanied by a pod of Dolphins, I was mesmerised as they frolicked beneath the boat and leapt clear of the water ahead of me. I set a satisfying pace as I crossed towards the mainland. Soon I saw a shoal/ pod/fleet of Basking Sharks – what amazing beasts!  Later I had to pinch myself when I stumbled across a Leatherback Turtle – what... a... day...

But then nothing could beat the final encounter as I watched an Orca broach up ahead. It accompanied me for a while and I could sense the empathy between us. Sea Kayaking brings us such amazing experiences.

Of course that’s all bollocks.

The high water launch at Lundy was a right pain, and then I had to sneak timidly through a gap in the rocks to avoid the worst of the swell and tiderace to get away.

The entire day was paddled inside the milk bottle, a few hundred metre horizon in the fog, slogging through a crappy swell.

I caught a brief glimpse of the bottom of the cliffs just before I arrived at Crackington Haven - that was it.

Welcome to Devon.  

Oh yes, it’s all glamour in this game.