More Milk Bottle

Day 3 Crackington Haven to Mawgan Porth -- 23rd May – 24.8 nm  / Day 4 Mawgan Porth to St.Ives – 23.6 nm

The Devon coastline had slid by in the mist; it seemed like Cornwall could go that way too. I was disappointed.  3 days in and I’d seen little more than the base of a cliff now and then, I felt a little cheated, I probably wouldn't paddle this stretch again and all I’d got to see was the inside of the milk bottle. Bum. 

Though a Bank Holiday weekend, fog-locked, surf landing at Mawgan Porth brought a lively end to the day. Flags? What flags? Oh those, I’m colour blind you see...

Day 4 

Heading south along Cornwall Land, I saw a small fishing boat loom out of the mist. The driver was out of Padstow and a touch non-plussed to find me off-shore in the mist. I got a brief lecture on the foolhardiness of my exploits before he told me that he’d now have to go to the trouble of radioing everybody this side of Moscow, just  so I wouldn't get run over in the gloom. And then I probably would anyway. Yeah, and a good morning to you too...

But suddenly as I bimbled pass Padstow the sun came out, a little visual stimulation was very welcome as I took in the pleasant scenery around Trevose Head. It was nice to once again see where I was going to, as well as wenting from.

Moving down the coast, Newquay came and went, as it does.

And then the Music Festival kicked off, I was 3 miles off shore and I could feel the boat vibrate – impressive. The music followed me down the coast; I could still hear it 7 miles later – still impressive.

Finally Day 4 slid to a gentle stop on the pleasant beach at St. Ives, though the Bank Holiday car parking arrangements in the crowded little town were a little less relaxed.

Land’s End looms.