Lizards and Pigs

Day 6 Lamorna to Porthoustock – 26th May – 24.6 nm

An early start from Lamorna, with an aim to get across to the Lizard before the tide picked up too much, anything for an easy life. This meant working across Mount’s Bay against the tide, but I didn't expect too much going on there anyway. The sky was blue and conditions in the bay looked smooth, perhaps I would finally get a little sunshine at last. Two bikini clad girls made an early morning foray into the water as I left, their shrieks accompanying me out of the bay - a prettier send off than the one on Day 1 I thought. I was tempted to head back and make sure I hadn't forgotten anything on the sand.

The forecast wind was WNW, but it was a steady offshore N wind instead, no dramas, just a little chop in the sunshine. The swell started to reach into the bay as I neared the Lizard, but as the flow picked up nearer the point this smoothed things out a little.

I could see a mad woman standing amongst the crowds on the cliffs, waving furiously out to sea. I pulled down my hat, paddled a wider line and pretended I didn’t know her. The rocks were dodged easily and the Lizard slid by, I was grateful to have the offshore wind and a gap in the swell.

The wind strengthened as I headed towards Black Head, and as I turned north I wasn't so grateful for the off shore wind any more. It was a splashy slog, inshore of the Manacles, towards Porthoustock. It was a bit of a ‘Geography Day’ in that useful get outs were now limited and further into-wind miles today didn't translate into useful distance for tomorrow. To be frank, I was knackered too, so Porthoustock looked good to me.

We drove into the Cornish hinterlands to find a camping spot. The afternoon was spent on a slightly eccentric site; I dried my kit in the windy sunshine and dozed off  to the sound of piggies snoring...

Later I sorted my kit, did the plan and got everything ready for another early start, pulling the boil-in-the bag out of the box it looked like it was Bacon and Beans for breakfast, strange...